Symbolic Frolic funny refrigerator magnets like magnetic poetry words symbols think Pictionary game meets Balderdash words

    Fun funny refrigerator magnets for kids
        Play learn with symbols
            Make messages, Create stories

Fun funny Refrigerator magnets for kids to play creating stories with symbols while learning. Like magnetic poetry words but with cute cool symbols. Animals, park signage, love symbols - the heart icon ... these kids Fridge Magnets have international standardized symbols, pictograms used in signs; kids instantly recognize these picture symbols. Children can make messages by arranging symbols on the refrigerator, and explain them to parents, and use favorite symbols as holders for artwork on the refrigerator.

Great educational gift for children to learn storytelling creating stories reading and kids will have fun making messages. Use in school curriculum as educational and instructional materials for schools and homeschoolers. Improving children's manipulative skills, kids can move each symbol making learning more tangible enhancing fine motor skills by moving the 1"x1" square fridge magnets around.

Teenagers love these humorous fridge magnets safety symbols like the radiation symbol.

Adults enjoy Expressions Phrase Game™. Pictionary® game meets Balderdash® words game for flirtatious fun with fridge magnets.