Symbolic Frolic fridge magnets with international standard symbols signs and icons

    Refrigerator magnets Dorm Life symbols
        Make messages, Create stories

Dorm life themed Refrigerator magnets; hopefully college bound high schoolers might be able to make messages and create stories while learning ? Dorm life Fridge Magnets humorous take on college life using international standardized pictograms similar to those used in signs; Kids, adults, singles and high schoolers instantly recognize these picture symbols. Use the refrigerator magnets with Dorm life symbols to make flirtatious messages and earn points in magnets class. Dorm life fridge magnets combine modern symbol pictograms with the trials and tribulations of college living symbols.
16 Dorm life symbol refrigerator magnets 1 inch x 1 inch.
Symbolic Frolic refrigerator magnets
Manufactured by: Geometric Designs LLC
Model: Dorm Life
Product ID: 082045734072
$4.95 New