Symbolic Frolic fridge magnets with international standard symbols signs and icons

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        Make messages, Create stories

The symbols are designed in a modern minimalist style giving a cosmopolitan look inspired by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics combined with internationally recognized standard symbol signs. The Symbolic Frolic Expression main kit has 1 inch by 1 inch magnet symbols 108 in all based on international standard symbols signs and icons, having enough symbols to compose phrases. Theme kits, each with 16, 1 inch by 1 inch symbols, expands the library of symbols in a fun humorous style. Each kit has a symbol key with meanings for the symbols. The Symbolic Frolic theme kits include Animals, Astrology, Christmas, Cosmic, Dating, Dating Hazards, Dorm life, Driver's Ed, Grammatical Necessities 1, Grammatical Necessities 2, Home Front, Life's a Beach, Off Road, Parties, Relationships, Romance, Travel, Under the Stars, Urban Activities, In the Snow, and Work Zone.

The durable symbol refrigerator magnets are easily cleaned with soap and water.

The family friendly fridge magnets allow kids to play creating stories while learning. Kids instantly recognize these picture symbols and learn language skills while they play. The 1 inch square symbols are perfect for kids’ little hands, they can easily create stories and explain them to parents, and use favorite symbols as holders for artwork on the refrigerator. Educators want the symbols for hands on products and games to help children learn language.

Dyslexia, autism, and other learning difficulties in the traditional classroom might be due to different symbol and decoding processes. These symbols can be a tool to help those with autism and other learning difficulties, learn language in new and unique ways. Kids learn language skills by using symbols instead of words. Symbolic Frolic symbols helps bridge the gap for visual learners who might struggle with words, now they can begin to play with symbols developing language concepts. and will especially appeal to visual learners and trendy adults who are looking for something new and unique. Laugh, create, using the symbols for composing messages, stories, and humorously phrases.

Symbolic Frolic refrigerator magnets
Manufactured by: Geometric Designs LLC