Symbolic Frolic funny refrigerator magnets like magnetic poetry words symbols think Pictionary game meets Balderdash words

    Story of Refrigerator magnets with symbols
        Make messages, Create stories

Symbolic Frolic Refrigerator magnets captures in a ready-useable format the ancient communication media of pictures combined with modern international standardized pictograms. Before words came pictures the most instinctual form of visual communication. Quickly, easily, and humorously compose messages without words, or just play, unencumbered with the formality of written language.

Symbolic Frolic Refrigerator magnets inspiration is the serendipitous result of a museum visit on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and later happening upon a set of books on internationally recognized standardized symbolic signs. Realizing that these symbolic signs could be used to form a modern pictogram language, and that putting the symbols on refrigerator magnets is a convenient way for creating rudimentary humorous communications -> Symbolic Frolic Refrigerator magnets were born.

Great educational gift for children to learn storytelling creating stories reading and kids will have fun making messages. Use in school curriculum as educational and instructional materials for schools and homeschoolers. Improving children's manipulative skills, kids can move each symbol making learning more tangible improving fine motor skills by moving the 1"x1" fridge magnets around.

Symbolic Frolic refrigerator magnets
Manufactured by: Geometric Designs LLC